Mclaren Sabre

Limited Edition 800+ BHP Mclaren Sabre unveiled

Mclaren has surprised the world with an announcement of a limited edition run of their new supercar called the Sabre. It is an 824 HP monster commissioned by the Mclaren Special Operations (MSO). But despite its stylish look and power, only a few individuals will be able to get their hand on it. As only 15 will be ever made & on they will only be available in the US.

The car is a toned-down version of Mclaren Senna and is made for more comfortable road use. The inspiration for the car came from the Grand-Turismo concept that the company revealed back in 2017. Even though the senna was released as the production car version of the concept, it still left something to be desired in terms of styling from the original concept.

Mclaren Vision GT concept

The car is going to be the one of the most powerful, non-hybrid vehicle yet. The supercar is powered by a 4.0-liter V-8. The official numbers have not been revealed yet, it will churn out 824 horses and 590 ft lbs of twist. And thanks to that mill, the supercar should be able to reach a top speed of 218 mph, which makes it the brand’s fastest two-seater yet. Since the car has less downforce thanks to the reduced aero package from Senna, it should have a slightly higher top speed that it.

There has been no pricing info, but reports suggest the car likely will cost more between $1.5 – $2 million. They has already sold out.

The whole project was kept a well-guarded secret and only the owners knew about it. The company hasn’t officially released any press material around it. It just lifted the embargo on the secret and let the owners post pictures of their cars in the factory.

Mclaren Sabre delivered to Houston,Texas

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