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Rockstar just paid a GTA Player $10,000 (₹ 7.2 Lakhs), check out why?

American video game publisher Rockstar Games just paid $10,000 to an amateur GTA V gamer and
developer and folks can’t stop wondering why.

In February, tOst (also goes by the name tostercx), a GitHub user, came up with a method to reduce the load times in GTA online by almost 70 percent. The investigation made by tOst was long and elaborate which pointed out at the end that the long loading time that the game took was because of a huge JSON file and a faulty parser.

The GTA online takes long hours to boot up which had already been quite unpopular among its users. This is delay happens because it tries to prepare the reeling numbers of DLC that we get from the game through the JSON file.

tOst made this theory based on the category names in the code with reference to “net shop
catalog.” Shortly after, Rockstar Games recognized tOst’s efforts and officially rewarded him with
$10,000. This has been welcomed and praised by gamers around the world, as tOst’s post on
Reddit seemed to really make sense.

How much it improved?

You can see a comparison between loading times befre & after patch in the video

The game’s code appeared inefficient to many users and tOst’s effort to find it out and
explain it in detail impressed them. One GTA player complained that the game has been a
port from the 2013 version which was originally designed to run on a console. So, it was not
surprising that their online code and resource management were broken.

For games, usually, complex coding and programming do not work well. Long and conflated
software tends to invite bugs and other problems. Simpler codes have more moving parts so
they are easier to work with.

Rockstar Games reportedly told to PC Gamer that tOst’s theory indeed revealed an aspect
related to loading time for GTA’s PC version and that there was room for improvement. They
have also promised some developments that will be implemented in the game’s upcoming
title update.

Rockstar also confirmed that they were paying tOst a handsome amount of $10,000 through
the HackerOne Bug Bounty Program, a program that is usually used to reward hackers who
figure out security faults in their products. tOst’s case was an exception and for the fans of
Grand Theft Auto, this exception was laudable.

you can check out the Github post on how tOst did it

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