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Apple patents a new magnetic connector for iPhones

Apple is rumored to be working on an alternative charging and magnetic connector for the
iPhones. The good news is Apple has been granted a patent by the US Patent & Trademark
Office this week for a new magnetic connector for charging the iPhones.

The Image posted by the Patently Apple,  website suggests that the new magnetic connector
looks somewhat similar to the mag-safe connector that was spotted in the older MacBook. All
the future iPhones will have this new connector to replace the existing lightning connector in

Features of the new Magnetic connector

The document issued by the US Patent & Trademark hints that the new magnetic connector
will be capable of transferring power to iPhones and will also support data transfer. The new connector will have a slightly bulged surface that will set into the iPhone’s charging point just like the old MacBook.

This new connector will also have recessed contact points that include magnets of the electronic device, which helps your charger to attach automatically when you take the charger closer to your device.

Apple patent

Apple recently brought the Mag Safe charging based on Qi-technology to iPhones with the
latest iPhone 12 series. The company is also planning to remove the existing lighting port
from the future iPhones, but this would take another year to implement.

Is Magnetic safe charging coming to all Apple devices?

The Patent application by the US Patent and Trademark Office does not indicate when Apple
is planning to implement the new charging technology or whether it is only coming for
iPhones or Apple is planning to introduce the new magnetic charging feature to their other
devices such as iPad, MacBook, AirPods, etc. as well.

We will keep you posted when Apple announced some more details about the new magnetic
charging port.

Future of iPhones

iPhones coming next year are heavily rumored to be port-less. But considering it to be a big leap going completely wireless, Apple could be considering a middle-ground option. A magnetic connector is in line with their current philosophy and this could be a great way to complete the transition to a port-less device in future

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