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Apple Spring Event 2021: New AirPods, AirTags, iPads, and a lot more expected

Apple is expected to go with the previous tradition of having a spring event this year also. Although no announcement has been made by the company yet, it is almost rumored to happen as early as 16th March 2021.

So in this article, we are summarising up what all we think is going to be launched on this event. But as these are all still rumors so take these products with a grain of salt.

Airpods 3

Airpods since launch has gotten only minor changes in software but on the design front, they have been the same. Leave aside the expensive Airpods Pro, the normal AirPods are due for a refresh.

Multiple sources across social media have already leaked similar images of the rumored AirPods 3. These AirPods have taken a design cue from the Airpods Pro and are rumored to support spatial Audio features too. No details on the pricing.

Leaked images of the rumoured Airpod 3


AirTag is what Apple is calling its wireless tracking device that can be used to track anything that it is attached to. Assets for the Airtags were seen in the iOS 13 beta, hence apple has been testing them for a long while, and most probably these would be coming in this march.

What we know as per leaks-
– White front (no logo) CLEAN!
– Polished metal back
– Apple logo on the back
– Wireless charging only

No details on the pricing but as per similar products by other companies are retailing at around $24/each, Apple should be targeting to price it around $30.

Concept by jon_prosser & CConceptCreator


We have not seen a lot of buzz around the iPads for this launch, but there have been some leaks about a refreshed iPad Pro model. It is not uncommon for Apple to release an iPad in the Spring event, and given the history, we are confident that a new iPad pro with Mini Led, 5G support in cellular models is expected to launch. The processor might be also bummed up to A14.

As for the pricing, it is expected to be at the same price range as the current iPad Pro models.

Macbook Pro & iMac

It’s been almost 4 months since Apple launched its ARM-based M1-powered 13inch Macbook pros. But an equivalent upgrade for 16inch Macbook pro and iMac is remaining to be seen.

16inch Macbook pros are rumored to be powered by an M1x processor, having 12cores instead of the 8 core M1 chip. For the iMacs, and M1Pro or an M2 chip might be on the way. These processors have been seen in various benchmarking sites and it’s just a matter of time when these will be released.

Concept of Macbook Pro 16inch

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