The first-ever tweet on Twitter got sold for $2 million

Jack Dorsey, the owner & CEO of Twitter, has sold the digital version of his first tweet for a humongous $ 2.9 million shortly after he made an announcement about a digital auction for the same.

According to Valuables by Cent, the platform where the digital auction took place, Dorsey’s
post which dates back to 2009 saying, “just setting up my twttr,” was bought by Sina Estavi,
the CEO of Bridge Oracle.

This is the first ever tweet on twitter

It was sold as an NFT (non-fungible token) which is a digital certificate of authenticity that
records the details of a blockchain digital ledger making sure that the item is real and unique.
Earlier, Dorsey tweeted that the proceeds would be converted to Bitcoin and then donated to
Africa Response a program of the non-profit Give Directly.

It is a program to raise money to help the families in Africa that have been hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. Valuables confirmed that 95 percent of the sale proceeds go to the original creator of the tweet while 5 percent go to the platform.

On Monday 22nd, Dorsey announced that the funds were sent to the charity and tweeted out
the Bitcoin receipt as well. Following this, Give Directly thanked Dorsey and Sina Estavi
mentioning that they were eagerly looking forward to sending the money to the recipients as
soon as possible.

The online fund-collecting world has been abounding with NFTs lately. Recently, a digital
artwork by artist Beeple was also sold for $69.4 million by a British auction house through
an online auction. NFT remains the confirmer of its authenticity.

What is NFT?

if you want to learn about what are these NFT’s check out this video that explains it

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